Etain Bridal Boutique

To many women, a grand wedding is the highlight of their lives. Every bride's dream is to have a better than the last wedding she attended. In essence, a successful wedding requires detailed planning and preparation especially for the bride and her maids. There are a lot of challenging issues to consider, and this can be tricky for an individual. This is why it is wise to hire wedding planners in kent. An expert in planning weddings is likely to make the process easy and smooth. In the long run, the ceremony will be a success.

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Types of Bridal Dresses

The bride's dress is definitely the centre of attention of any wedding and great detail goes to making it a sight to behold. There are many types of wedding dresses to choose from depending on what the bride wants. There are traditional white dresses for those going for a traditional theme.

For brides who want a modern and unique dress, there is a wide choice of dresses with non-traditional details such as bare shoulders, halter neck and unique colours such as ivory. It can be quite difficult to get that perfect dress and other accessories in the same place, and that is why a number of bridal boutiques have emerged to bridge this gap.

Bridal shops stock all manner of accessories in different designs, colours and sizes because every bride has a unique taste and figure. Common bridal dresses include

Mermaid Trumpet dress

This is a dress that clings to the wearer's curves and is most suitable for the hourglass figure. It is fitting right from the bust to the hips and sometimes spreads out from the knees.

A-line Princess dress

This type of dress is fitting at the bust and spreads out from the waist. It is an excellent choice for brides who are heavier at the top and wishes to conceal a bulging tummy.

Empire wedding dress

This particular dress looks good on any body type but is most flattering to the pear and apple figures. It starts out at the bust as fitting but spreads out immediately after the bust line and falls gracefully to the ground. Visibly pregnant brides particularly like this dress.

BallGown dress

This dress almost looks like the A-line dress but comes with fitted bodices to give the illusion of a small waist. It flares out from the hips in a rather exaggerated and dramatic style.

Other Bridal Accessories

Apart from the bridal dress, there are other accessories that the bride needs to complete her look. Any bride would want good pieces of jewellery to complement her look. A beautiful necklace for instance would look good especially if the wedding dress has a low neckline. For a fresh look on the wedding day, brides can also get quality make up and fragrance from a reliable bridal boutique. Finally, the bride needs to step out in style in classy yet comfortable shoes, and all bridal boutiques stock some of the best footwear for brides on their special day.